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亚博买球app下载_【观察】3任主帅+1年时光后:格子仍在巴萨挣扎 时间真不多了

In the past two to three years, Barcelona has received a lot of bad signings, and fans have even become accustomed to them. Whether Mr. 100 million Euros Mr. Griezmann will join the ranks, although it is still not conclusive, but at present, The new season's lineup has been greatly refurbished Barcelona, ​​but Griezmann is still struggling in a difficult situation, still did not find the same feeling in Atletico.

在过去的两到三年中,巴萨收到了很多不好的签约,甚至球迷们也已经习惯了他们。 1亿欧元的格里兹曼先生是否会加入这个行列,虽然还没有定论,但是目前,新赛季的阵容已经大大翻新了巴塞罗那,但是格里兹曼仍然在艰难的处境中挣扎,仍然没有在马竞找到同样的感觉。

At the beginning of joining last season, fans had infinitely expected that the trident composed of Griezmann, Messi and Suarez would shine. The fact is that the tacit understanding between Griezman, Messi and Suarez is very different. far. After a bleak and turbulent season, Suarez was purged by the torrent of Barcelona's innovation and indirectly gave Griezmann his position. This made the outside world feel that the opportunity for the French to emerge has finally arrived, but from this season in La Liga It was found in the three games that Griezmann's difficulties were still there and there was no sign of improvement.


In the three games, Griezmann started all the starts, which can reflect the trust and expectations given by Koeman, but at the same time, he was replaced in advance in every game, reflecting the coach's disappointment with Grid's performance. In the first round against Huang Qian, Grid was replaced in 78 minutes. Fati, who scored twice, became the focus, and Grid was not even a supporting role. In the second round against Celta, Griezmann became a "victim" of Langley's red color. In the last round against Sevilla, Grid lost several scoring opportunities and was defeated by Trincon in the 60th minute. replace.


After three games, Koeman has expressed his dissatisfaction with Griezmann: "The last game to change him was based on tactical considerations, because we were one less man to fight, and Fati can bring depth and provide faster speed. He had several good chances in this game. Based on his ability, he should score a goal.” It can be seen that in Koman’s view, Grid is not as good as Fati in terms of threats, and as a shooter, Grid does not perform well. Pass.


Griezmann should feel the crisis. If it is difficult to reverse the current situation, he may be replaced by more promising young people. The 20-year-old Trincom has already received the praise of Koeman. In addition, Dembele and Bryce Witte is also waiting for an opportunity. Perhaps it should be fortunate that Koeman's favorite forward Depay has not arrived, making Grid virtually l亚博买球app下载ess competitive pressure.


French coach Deschamps saw that Griezmann had suffered. He felt sorry for his disciples. He directly expressed that Grid was not亚博全站手机客户端 happy at Barcelona, ​​and pointed out that Koeman should not let Griezmann play on the right, because Speed ​​and superiority are not his good points. It is recommended that Koeman put the grid in the middle and give full play to his advantages in running dexterously and cooperating with his teammates in order to truly play his role. But on the other hand, Deschamps also knew that Koeman might not follow his advice, so as to encourage Griezmann to learn to break through and redeem himself in difficulties.


For Griezmann, it has been a year since joining, and there are enough time and opportunities. He has also experienced the coaching of Valverde, Setien and Koeman. If in the next The days are still unable to play, there will be no reason to excuse yourself.


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[Video: Called! Koeman: Grid Trincon wasted 3 opportunities, Barcelona had a chance to win]

[视频:打了! Koeman:Grid Trincon浪费了3个机会,巴萨有机会获胜]



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