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Leading the team in 17 games and recorded 5 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses, 13 league games scored 14 points, Abelardo resigned with a poor report card, the Spaniard's road to relegation is getting narrower and narrower.


In a relatively short period of time, the main lineup was kneaded, and the quantitative control of offense and defense was in place, allowing Wu Lei to find a place in both systems. Abelardo may just be a hurried passing at the El Prat Stadium. But his "legacy" can continue to play a role for a long time in the future.

在相对较短的时间内,揉合了主要阵容,并且对进攻和防守进行了量化控制,使吴磊在两个体系中都能找到一席之地。阿贝拉多(Abelardo)可能只是匆忙通过El Prat体育场。但是他的“遗产”可以在未来的很长一段时间内继续发挥作用。

The Spaniard fell to the bottom in the Machin era, in this regard, because the team lacks high-level strikers, the problem of weak fronts has not been solved.


On the other hand, because the coach’s frequent tactical trials aggravated the turbulence of the system, the gathering of technical players not only failed to play well in passing and control, but weakened the defense.


As a central defender who played for Barcelona in the player era, Abelardo's coaching thinking embodies a rare golden mean. He has a pragmatic thinking when building a formation and attaches great importance to defense.


Gayego and Ma Qin are clever women. The relegation expert Abelardo has received strong support from the top. New aids De Thomas, Embalba and Cabrera are all players that meet his tactical requirements.

Gayego和Ma Qin是聪明的女人。保级专家Abelardo得到了高层的大力支持。新教具德·托马斯,恩巴巴和卡布雷拉都是符合他战术要求的球员。

In the process of building a system around the new center axis, the Spaniard's main configuration quickly tended to solidify. Relying on a strong striker to drive the third line, bypassing the midfield and playing two penalty areas, Abelardo quickly solved the system chaos and frontline weakness left by his predecessor.


Draw with Barcelona and Bilbao, defeating Villarreal and Mallorca, the Spaniard once saw the dawn of relegation.


The 442 system created by Abelardo relies on two-wing braking, which can be switched to 532 and 433/424 in the defensive and offensive phases. This strategy based on defense and focusing on the "two ends" is very suitable for the need to fight for three. The relegation war of "points".


Starting from the game against Granada, Abelardo changed the previous "four midfield" configuration, and Embalba became the main force.


De Thomas & Calelli is suitable for attacking mid-lower teams. In some more difficult games, the Spaniard needs more troops to participate in the defense. The 4411/451 system can bring a better sense of balance.

De Thomas&Calelli非常适合进攻中低端的球队。在一些更加困难的比赛中,西班牙人需要更多的部队参与防御。 4411/451系统可以带来更好的平衡感。

The effect of Embalba & Dadell's combination is not ideal. When Wu Lei is a right midfielder, he can take both sides into consideration, which is in line with Abelardo's requirements.


The Spaniard needs forwards to rely on their individual ability to solve problems. The 442 system can accommodate a combination of strikers with complementary styles.

西班牙人需要前锋依靠他们个人解决问题的能力。 442系统可容纳具有互补风格的撞针组合。

Calelli is the frontcourt fulcrum for the dirty work. De Thomas and Wu Lei are in a competitive relationship. De Thomas was injured in pre-match training against Sevilla, and Wu Lei has since entered the starting lineup.

卡莱利是肮脏工作的前场支点。德·托马斯和吴蕾处于竞争关系。德·托马斯(De Thomas)在对塞维利亚的赛前训练中受伤,从此吴雷就进入了首发阵容。

In the first few games after returning to the starting lineup, Wu Lei's role was the right midfielder in the 4231 system.


In this system, the Spaniard has four players involved in the wing defense, which is their advantage over the three-center system. The new formation is not effective in covering the width. As long as the opponent can complete the offensive direction shift in time, they can find space on the side off the ball. The Spaniard's two gate defense has a lot of hidden dangers. Wu Lei's "wing guard" attribute Can ensure the rigor of the defense system.


Won the trust of the coach in the position of winger, Wu Lei advanced to the "forward" after the La Liga rematch. Abelardo’s team focused on long-pass offenses, with Calelli competing for the first spot, and other players capturing the second spot and launching a fast attack on the spot.


Abelardo does not encourage midfielders to participate deeply in the offense. On the one hand, because the Spaniard lacks a B2B midfielder that can score goals, on the other hand, considering that long pass attacks will bring more rounds in the game, It is difficult for players to complete the defensive position in the seesaw.


As one of the strikers who played the most minutes in Abelardo's tenure, Caleri's ability is not particularly outstanding. When opponents began to rely on tough defense to limit Caleri, it was difficult for the Spaniards to launch an offense by simply slamming + grabbing the second place. They could only look for cross opportunities from two sides, which is not accustomed to impact. It was disadvantageous for Wu Lei behind him.


In the previous game, Wu Lei was a bit too aggressive when dealing with shots, and he was a little bit weak in his timing and angle control.


After hard training during the offseason, Wu Lei's physical condition and ball feel remained good, and his performance on the court became more confident. Against Alaves, Wu Lei single-handedly scored. In the process of scoring, Wu Lei used speed to throw off the defense, slowed down and adjusted at the right time before shooting, and successfully deceived the goalkeeper's center of gravity.


Unfortunately, Wu Lei failed to continue this good momentum in the subsequent games. Three days later, as a guest at Getafe, the Spaniard played one less player in nearly 75 minutes. Wu Lei had to take care of the offense even when he was under the heavy defensive task. The cost was huge, which directly affected his next match. The state of Levante and Betis.


Since Xia Chuang let go of Ruby, Iglesias and Hermoso, the Spaniard's decline has been inevitable. Faced with a lineup with many flaws, Gayego and Machin were helpless, and Abelardo relied on the tactical bonus brought by the new winter window to reap several victories.


In order to maintain the stability of the lineup and style of play, Abelardo controlled the main number of rotations to around 15 to 16, and Vargas, Ferreira, Calero and Pedrosa were all marginal players. The "pocket lineup" showed its disadvantages in the intensive schedule. Unexpected injuries and suspensions disrupted the team's newly formed rhythm.


De Thomas was injured, Wu Lei was able to fill his vacancy, and when the main defenders Bernardo and Cabrera were absent, Abelardo was in a mess.

德·托马斯(De Thomas)受了伤,吴雷能够填补空缺,而主要后卫贝尔纳多(Bernardo)和卡布雷拉(Cabrera)缺席时,阿贝拉多(Abelardo)陷入混乱。

Against Levante at home, Abelardo did not use Calero, who had returned from injury. Instead, he arranged David Lopez to replace the central defender. Victor Sanchez appeared in front of the defender. The "civilian midfielder" combination was defeated by opponents. Use unreasonable breakthroughs to explode.

在家里对莱万特的比赛中,阿贝拉多没有使用伤愈复出的卡莱罗。相反,他安排大卫·洛佩兹(David Lopez)取代中央后卫。维克多·桑切斯(Victor Sanchez)出现在后卫的面前。 “平民中场亚博全站手机客户端”组合被对手击败。使用不合理的突破来爆炸。

Abelardo realized the importance of a defensive midfielder. He used Ituraspe in his visit to Biamarin. Unfortunately, the Basque midfielder, who had already passed the peak, was in no state at halftime. It was replaced after the end.


First lost two key relegation battles, and then experienced a change in coaching position. The week that is about to pass will be unbearable for the Spaniard.


It is a little comforting that Abelardo has left two sets of very practical formations for the Spaniard. Most players can play comfortably in the system. The recent two losses are rather helpless.


During Abelardo’s tenure, Wu Lei was one of the few players who won the main position as a substitute. He could always resolutely implement the coach’s tactical intentions, adapt to a new role as quickly as possible, and drive high. Prove yourself in the process.


The Spaniard’s relegation hopes have not been completely annihilated, even if they can’t score, Wu Lei has other ways to help the team.






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