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Middlesbrough --- Middlesbrough academy that used to be a hotbed of English international superstars such as Jonathan Woodgate and Stewart Downing, although it has gone through a long period of time The barren period of time-but it seems that it has now been restored. It can be said that the youth academy in Middesbrough has been enjoying the joy of its revival recently. Youth training talents are emerging in endlessly, not just Frye, from Pierce in the goalkeeper position to Spence, who is known as the next Arnold sideline player...The strength of the Middlesbrough youth training base is growing Strong, but also long-term reliable reserve talents for this British championship team eager to make the Premier League, Frye is one of them. Dael Fry is one of the first team players in Middlesbrough who has attracted the attention of many English Premier League clubs. In the past few seasons, the 22-year-old has been a frequent visitor to Boro since November-having represented more than 100 first team games.

米德尔斯堡(Middlesbrough)---米德尔斯堡学院(Middlesbrough Academy)曾经是乔纳森·伍德盖特(Jonathan Woodgate)和斯图尔特·唐宁(Stewart Downing)等英国国际巨星的温床,尽管它已经经历了很长一段时间的贫瘠时期,但现在看来已经恢复了。可以说,米德斯堡的青年学院近来一直享受着复兴的喜悦。从门将皮尔斯(Pierce)到下一任阿诺德边线球员史宾斯(Spence),青年训练人才不断涌现,不仅是弗莱(Frye),而且米德尔斯堡青年训练基地的实力不断增强,而且长期存在对于渴望成为英超联赛的这支英国冠军球队来说,可靠的后备人才是其中之一。戴尔·弗莱(Dael Fry)是米德尔斯堡第一批吸引众多英超联赛俱乐部关注的球员之一。在过去的几个赛季中,这位22岁的球员自11月份以来一直是Boro的常客,他参加了100多次一队比赛。

Frye entered Middlesbrough's first team roster as early as 18 years old


Under the leadership of Karanka, the greatest defensive coach ever in Middlesbrough, the young man won a first-team appearance during the promotion season of Middlesbrough in 2015/16, despite his short Playing shows that his ability is not enough to cope with the pressure and intensity of the Champions League game, but we can more or less see the talent and devotion that Fry has shown in the game.


In the second season after being promoted to the Premier League, Frye did not appear in England's top league. Defensive commander Daniel Ayala (Daniel Ayala) and Middlesbrough's young boy Ben Gibson (Ben Gibson) are the team's preferred central defenders.

在晋升为英超联赛的第二个赛季,弗莱没有出亚博全站手机客户端现在英格兰顶级联赛中。防守指挥官丹尼尔·阿亚拉(Daniel Ayala)和米德尔斯堡的小男孩本·吉布森(本·吉布森)是该队的首选中卫。

However, the following year, Middlesbrough was relegated to the Championship and Gibson moved to Burnley a year later. Frye got the opportunity he dreamed of, and he seized it. Since then, this young man has been a core player on the defensive end of Middlesbrough.


His outstanding talent has also been recognized internationally, and every England youth team list from U17 to U21 has his shadow. He has also slowly accumulated a certain amount of experience in his career on international match day. For now, Frye has become an indispensable part of the U23 England team.


It is not surprising to see the interest of the club team in the Premier League in Fry, because frankly speaking, his style of play is more suitable for the English Premier League than the Champions League.


The 22-year-old player has leadership that ordinary young players do not have. Frye will often appear in the midfielder in the game. Therefore, regardless of his young age and maturity, Frye has the defense. The commanding power and the ability to control the game are what most of the British crown central defenders do not have. Since joining Boro's first team, his understanding of the game has been greatly improved. Frye is clearly a player who grew up with experience and confidence in the competition-since Pulis appointed him as the first team captain in 2018, the young defender's performance has improved by leaps and bounds.


His slender figure means that he has more agile speed changes and ability to get rid of. In last season's games, Frye occasionally appeared at the right back position to fill the missing lineup.


When Fry was on the stage when he was only 18 years old, many coaching members of the Middlesbrough Youth Academy were talking about whether he could become the most exciting one ever. He shares many attributes with Gibson (a central defender who graduated a few years ago). For now, what he needs to do is physical development.


Fry is similar to the young man who broke into the first team at the age of 18. His physical growth and development are not as expected by the Boro coaching staff. With a weight of only 72kg, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not be violated by opposing players in the tall English league. Therefore, he often plays In the Champions League, he was pushed and slammed by the opponent's forwards, and his physical disadvantages also made Fly often lose the ball because of it.


If Frye wants to reach a top stage, another aspect that needs to be improved is his concentration and attention during the game. Although his ability to understand and read the game is quite good, but he is distracted from time to time and lack of discipline often leads to conceded goals.


Like most central defenders, Frye has fatal flaws in shooting. Whether it’s grabbing a point after the corner kick is taken, or a shot at the goal after the opportunity comes, Frye has committed a mistake of 99% of young players. They all want to score, but they want to shoot from a wonderful angle or Draw a beautiful arc, and because of this, they often waste a lot of opportunities because of the limitations of the technology under their feet. This is the same as Lewis Wing, another young frontcourt player in Middlesbrough. These are the areas that Frye needs to change in future training and game days.

像大多数中后卫一样,弗莱在射门上也有致命的缺陷。无论是在角球后抢到点球,还是机会来临后射门得分,Frye都犯了99%的年轻球员错误。他们都想得分,但是他们想从一个奇妙的角度射门或画一个漂亮的弧线,因此,由于脚下技术的局限性,他们经常浪费很多机会。这与米德尔斯堡的另一位年轻前场球员刘易斯·永(Lewis Wing)相同。这些是Frye在以后的训练和比赛中需要改变的领域。

Throughout his career, Frye has been directly compared with former teammate Gibson. Now that Gibson is rotten on the bench at Burnley, any potential buyer is eager to hear this. But don’t worry, this comparison is purely a coincidence of age and birthplace. The two have almost nothing in common.


It seems that this is a relatively negative contrast, but Fry is a role model for John Stones, and Stones is another young player from Middlesbrough who was also taken by Mouriny. Appreciated by Ou. Both are players developed in the Champions League, and to be honest, both have the strength to deal with the top league. Although many people ridiculed Stones's playing style to become bells and whistles, few people remember that this is an absolute talent who has shined in Riverside Stadium for three seasons. If he can use magic to eliminate his mistakes in the game, he can go straight to the top. Similar to Fry. Both have the ability to calm and control the situation, and can quickly enter the game instead of being late.

似乎这是一个相对消极的对比,但是弗莱是约翰·斯通斯的榜样,斯通斯是米德尔斯堡的另一位年轻球员,他也被穆里尼所接任。欧恩感激。两者都是在欧洲冠军联赛中发展起来的球员,并且说实话,他们都有与顶级联赛打交道的实力。尽管许多人嘲笑Stones的演奏风格成为风吹草动,但很少有人记得这是在Riverside Stadium闪耀了三个赛季的绝对才华。如果他可以使用魔术消除游戏中的错误,那么他可以直奔顶部。类似于Fry。两者都有镇定和控制局势的能力,并且可以迅速进入比赛而不是迟到。

If Middlesbrough decides to use their precious young players to monetize this year, then this young man will not be short of buyers, so he will need to think hard about his future. Gibson proved that the wrong transfer owner can cause immeasurable losses to your career.


During the entire time of the first team, Frye played with a defender like Ayala. When the Spaniard is not present, Frye's performance will be affected. He needs a playmaker, an object that can help him play the ball and disperse the defensive pressure. His main advantage lies in his passing ability, so Frye will definitely sign a club, whose spirit is to focus on defensive counterattacks, attacking and defending teams-Frye’s ability to initiate offenses is his shining game. important part.


It is said that Tottenham, Newcastle and Annanpton’s team have been closely monitoring young people for a period of time.








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