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Good morning, everyone is welcome to watch the Guoqiu Di Morning Post on March 14th!


In recent days, the new crown epidemic has completely enveloped the world football and ushered in an outbreak period yesterday. Following Serie A, La Liga and French Ligue 1, the Premier League and the Bundesliga have also announced the suspension. The UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches originally scheduled for next week have been postponed. Football fans are about to usher in a weekend with no matches to watch.


In addition, there are many other clubs in the five major leagues that have successively transmitted information about the infection of players and coaches, which is really disturbing. In the face of life and health, football is no longer so important.


Please see the details below.


On March 13, the Premier League officially announced the suspension of all games before April 4. The Bundesliga also announced the suspension of the current round of the league. At present, the five major European leagues have announced the suspension of the league due to the epidemic.


UEFA officially announced that next week the UEFA Champions League and all UEFA Europa League matches will be postponed, and the draw will also be postponed.


Paderborn officially announced that the team's central defender Kilian has been tested and co亚博买球app下载nfirmed to be infected with the new crown virus. He also became the first player confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus in the Bundesliga.


The Fiorentina club officially confirmed that the team's striker Vlahović was infected with the new crown virus, which is also the seventh case of new crown virus infection in Serie A so far.


Chelsea officially confirmed that striker Odoi is infected with the new crown virus and the club will isolate people who have had close contact with him, including all first-team players, coaches, and some club staff.


Sampdoria officially announced that after testing the first team players, Collet, Ekdal, Lagumina, and Tosby confirmed that they were infected with the new crown virus.


On March 13, Beijing time, Everton officially stated that some players in the first team had symptoms similar to the new crown pneumonia.


French media L’Est Éclair reported that South Korean international Shi Hyun-joon, who played for the French second club Troyes, was infected with the new crown virus.

法国媒体拉斯特·埃克莱尔(L'EstÉclair)报道,为法国第二家具乐部特鲁瓦(Troyes)效力的韩国国际球员施贤俊(Shi Hyun-joon)感染了这种新的冠状病毒。

World Sports reporter Francesc Aguilar said that China and FIFA agreed to postpone the 2021 Club World Cup for one year. It should be pointed out that this news was learned by the reporter, not official news. For the final situation, please refer to official news.


In the case of the Premier League亚博全站手机客户端’s announcement that it will be postponed until at least April 3, BBC Sports reporter Simon Stone expressed his views on some key issues. He pointed out that the possibility of canceling the Premier League this season cannot be ruled out.

在英超宣布将推迟至至少4月3日的情况下,BBC体育记者西蒙·斯通(Simon Stone)就一些关键问题发表了自己的看法。他指出,不能排除本赛季取消英超联赛的可能性。

According to the British media "The Mirror", UEFA is considering changing the UEFA Champions League and the remaining rounds of the UEFA Europa League to a single tie-breaker.


On March 13, Beijing time, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao officially announced: Player Fernando refused to implement the arrangement, the club fined him 3 million yuan, and notified criticism. According to reporter Zhao Yu, he was fined because he did not return to the team on time.


On the morning of March 13th, Beijing time, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Club issued a heavy ticket, and the naturalized player Fernando was fined 3 million yuan for violating team rules. According to reporter Li Yi, Fernando believed that he could play for the national football team after he was naturalized, and he must be in the team. His loose attitude aroused dissatisfaction with Kashuai.


Tianjin Tianhai officially announced that the club has reached a transfer agreement with Vantone Investment Holdings.


On March 12, Beijing time, the transfer of Tianjin Tianhai has been reported to the Football Association, and it is expected that there will be a result today. In this regard, the "Oriental Sports Daily" stated that the new owner of Tianhai will be formed in Wantong and another Beijing company.


According to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, the New Army Shenyang City Football Club of China A has changed the club name to "Liaoning Shenyang City".


Portuguese star Ronaldo expressed his views on the new crown epidemic on personal social media and sent his sincere blessings.


Arsenal coach Arteta was previously diagnosed with the new crown virus, and he is now reporting his safety on social media to people who care about him.


Chelsea star Odoi informed everyone on his personal Twitter that he has recovered from the new crown virus and will need to be quarantined in the next week.


Yesterday, Sampdoria officially announced that Gabbiadini was infected with the new crown virus. The Italian forward accepted an interview with Il Secolo XIX today and talked about his condition.

昨天,桑普多利亚正式宣布加比亚迪尼已感染了新的冠状病毒。这位意大利前锋今天接受了Il Secolo XIX的采访,并谈到了他的病情。

In an interview, the famous Italian coach Sacchi talked about his views on Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone. He believes that the Argentine coach is a high-level coach, but he should not only think about shortcuts in tactics.


According to "World Sports Daily" citing a report from Paraguay TV, Ronaldinho participated in the prison football match, and the winner can get a reward of 16 kilograms of pork.


In recent days, the five major leagues in Europe have announced the suspension, and sports competitions around the world have also been affected. Sid Lowe, a well-known journalist who has worked in many media, gave suggestions on how to complete the season.

最近几天,欧洲五个大联盟宣布暂停比赛,世界各地的体育比赛也受到了影响。曾在许多媒体工作过的著名记者西德·洛(Sid Lowe)就如何完成本赛季提出了建议。





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