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In today's "highly" commercialized football world, the power of jersey advertising sponsors cannot be underestimated. Some fans said that the players on the field are like mobile billboards. The advertisements on their chests are very eye-catching. Moreover, such jerseys are not enough for daily life. They are more formal in daily life. Some fans said that they now see jerseys without advertisements. Visually, I feel "empty" and I'm not used to it. To


In any case, as a key part of most clubs, chest advertising sponsorship is not only out of commercial considerations, but also from the perspective of fans. The chest advertising affects the overall effect of the jersey, and it is bound to affect the desire of some fans to buy the jersey. It has nothing to do with whether you love your own team or not. Sometimes it is more out of consideration of reality, "If it is not good-looking, there is no need to buy it if you don't want to wear it out." To


At the end of June, after the team's sponsor, British Telecom operator Three, was officially launched, the Chelsea shirt was printed with a big "3" on the chest. In the subsequent 4 games Chelsea played, they lost 2-3 away to West Ham United, beat Watford 3-0 at home, beat Crystal Palace 3-2 away, and lost 0-3 away to Sheffield United.

6月底,该团队的赞助商英国电信运营商Three正式推出后,切尔西球衣的胸口印有一个大“ 3”字样。在随后的4场比赛中,切尔西队输给西汉姆联2-3负,在家中以3-0击败沃特福德,以3-2负于水晶宫,并以0-3负于谢菲尔德联。

What's interesting is that in these games, either Chelsea scored three goals or were scored three goals, and they won one game each with the same score. However, in the 36th round of the Premier League against Norwich, Chelsea won 1-0 at home, which can also be said to "end" this wonderful cycle.


In addition to the psychedelic operation brought on by the change of jersey advertisements on the stadium, many Chelsea fans are also quite dissatisfied with the big "3" on their chests. They have been frantically complained by fans. Some fans said they would rather wear the FA Cup The anniversary jersey will not wear this new jersey, because it is too ugly.

除了在球场上更换球衣广告带来的迷幻手术外,许多切尔西球迷还对胸部的大“ 3”球感到不满意。他们一直受到歌迷的抱怨。一些球迷说,他们宁愿穿足总杯周年纪念球衣也不会穿这件新球衣,因为它太丑陋了。

The "Chevrolet" logo on Manchester United's chest was also snarled by fans. In 2012, the American car manufacturer Chevrolet signed a huge sponsorship contract of US$560 million for 7 years with Manchester United. In 2014, Chevrolet ads began to appear on the chest of Manchester United jerseys.

球迷们还在曼彻斯特联队的胸口贴上“雪佛兰”的标志。 2012年,美国汽车制造商雪佛兰与曼联签署了为期7年的5.6亿美元巨额赞助合同。 2014年,雪佛兰广告开始出现在曼联球衣的胸口。

Many British fans are disgusted by the big Chevrolet logo on their chests, and they believe that Chevrolet's brand influence in the UK is very small, and they cannot understand the club's choice of this car brand. Some fans believe that this is the club sacrificing aesthetic pleasure through jersey sponsorship in order to make money easily.


During the seven years of wearing the Chevrolet logo jersey, the former was also dissatisfied with Manchester United's results in the league and the Champions League. Earlier, foreign media reported that Chevrolet might not renew the contract with the team. This may make some Red Devils fans happy, the advertisement on the chest can finally be replaced.


In addition to the logo on the chest advertising that affects the overall beauty of the jersey, fans also value whether the sponsor’s image is consistent with the team and whether it is positive. The current sponsor of Liverpool, Standard Chartered Bank, was reported to have concealed illegal transactions with the Iranian government from the U.S. government in 2012. This move also made Standard Chartered Bank labelled a “rogue institution”.


After the incident, for some Red Army fans who have always been proud of the club’s tradition and political identity, the scandal of Standard Chartered Bank was intolerable, and some fans called the club to terminate cooperation with Standard Chartered Bank...


The sponsorship of jersey advertising in the football field does not start with the traditional giants that we know well. In 1976, an English team Kettering Town Football Club (Kettering Town) signed a sponsorship agreement with a local tire company. The team printed the sponsor’s name on the front of the jersey, but then the team was attacked by the FA Fines and ordered the removal of sponsors.

足球领域球衣广告的赞助并不是从我们熟知的传统巨人开始的。 1976年,一支由英格兰凯特林镇足球俱乐部(Kettering Town)组成的英格兰队与一家当地轮胎公司签署了赞助协议。球队在球衣正面印上了赞助商的名字,但随后该队遭到FA Fines的袭击,并下令罢免赞助商。

There is this precedent in British football. Liverpool signed the first important jersey sponsorship deal with Japanese electronics company Hitachi in 1979-a two-year sponsorship agreement worth 100,000 pounds, becoming the first A professional football club with a chest advertising sponsor. To


And this has also made jersey sponsorship gradually become a trend, and it has become popular in mainstream European teams, and various chest advertisements have appeared on the team jerseys. For example, Arsenal signed a jersey sponsorship agreement with JVC in 1981. To


Looking back at the beginning of the 21st century, most well-known football clubs at that time received some form of sponsorship on their jerseys, but Barcelona firmly opposed the printing of "brand advertisements" on their jerseys and only chose to display the club logo And Nike logo. To


However, all this changed in 2006. Barcelona and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reached a charity cooperation. The team did not receive a sponsorship fee from the foundation, but donated to the charity every year and placed it on the chest of the jersey. The words and logos of "UNICEF" are printed in the advertisement position to show support for the UN children's charity. To


It is conceivable that in a world where economic interests dominate, seeing such a strong football club choose to use sponsorship for public welfare under the circumstances of loss. For many fans, buying a jersey is also equivalent to doing In addition to being proud of its own fans, it has also won the favor of some fans, which will increase fans’ desire to buy jerseys.


Although in 2010, Barcelona and the Qatar Foundation (Qatar Foundation) reached a new chest advertising sponsorship deal, the sponsorship amount reached 30 million euros per season, but the UNICEF elements are still retained, printed on the back of the jersey, this move So far, it has been praised by many fans, and it retains the team’s "shirt culture" and "team spirit."

尽管在2010年,巴塞罗那和卡塔尔基金会(Qatar Foundation)达成了一项新的胸部广告赞助协议,赞助金额达到每个赛季3000万欧元,但联合国儿童基金会的要素仍然保留,印在球衣背面,这一举动使到目前为止,它一直受到许多粉丝的好评,并且保留了团队的“球衣文化”和“团队合作精神”。

It is worth mentioning that just last year, a wave of "sorry operations" between Paddy Power and Huddersfield Town, a betting company from Ireland, was also very interesting. To

值得一提的是,就在去年,Paddy Power与爱尔兰博彩公司Huddersfield Town之间的一波“抱歉的操作”也非常有趣。至

In July 2019, Paddy Power announced that they would become Huddersfield's jersey sponsor and released a new jersey style. Unlike traditional chest advertisements, the words "Paddy Power" spread along the entire diagonal, like The etiquette ribbon that we often see is very funny on the jersey, and many fans think it is a prank.

在2019年7月,Paddy Power宣布他们将成为哈德斯菲尔德的球衣赞助商并发布新的球衣风格。与传统的胸口广告不同,“ Paddy Power”一词沿整个对角线散布,就像我们经常看到的礼节丝带在球衣上很有趣,许多球迷认为这是恶作剧。

But the team did wear this jersey to participate in a pre-season friendly, and then this "funny jersey" was abandoned. In fact, Paddy Power didn't plan to put its own ads on the jerseys at the beginning. The reason for designing such a "funny jersey" was to pave the way for an activity called "Save Our Shirts". To

但是球队确实穿着这件球衣参加了赛季前的友谊赛,然后这个“有趣的球衣”被放弃了。实际上,Paddy Power并没有计划在一开始就在球衣上投放自己的广告。设计这种“滑稽的球衣”的原因是为名为“保存我们的衬衫”的活动铺平了道路。至

Faced with the various advertisements that can be changed at any time on the chest of the jersey, the fans are really hard to say. By giving up the practice of adding commercial elements to the jersey, Paddy Power uses this to "return" the jersey to the club and fans. , I also hope to call on other sponsors to join the sport and focus on football instead of advertising. Many fans also expressed their support. To

面对球衣胸前随时可以更改的各种广告,球迷们真的很难说。通过放弃在球衣上添加商业元素的做法,Paddy Power以此将球衣“归还”俱乐部和球迷。 ,我也希望呼吁其他赞助商加入这项运动,并专注于足球而非广告。许多粉丝也表示支持。至

After this, clubs including Macclesfield Town and Newport County also reached a cooperation agreement with Paddy Power. The latter will sponsor these teams, but will not play on the jerseys. advertising. To

此后,包括麦克尔斯菲尔德镇和纽波特县在内的俱乐部也与Paddy Power达成了合作协议。后者将赞助这些球队,但不会参加球衣比赛。广告。至

From the perspective of fans, although Paddy Power’s approach must have its own commercial considerations, in any case, "returning the jersey to the club and the fans" can be said to be the voice of many fans, just like Paddy Power’s brand marketing Director Michelle Spillane said: "

从粉丝的角度来看,尽管Paddy Power的做法必须有自己的商业考虑,但无论如何,可以说“将球衣退还给俱乐部和粉丝”,就像Paddy Power的品牌营销总监一样,是许多粉丝的心声。米歇尔·斯皮兰(Michelle Spillane)说:

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