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At midnight Beijing time tomorrow, Serie A will usher in the highlight, with Inter Milan playing at home against AC Milan. Before the game, the club's head coach Antonio Conte was interviewed by the media for this Milan derby.


"We hope to perform well in all the competitions we partic亚博全站手机客户端ipate in. Every game has 3 points waiting for us to fight for. Of course, Derby will bring greater challenges. We will face a strong team, they The performance is very good, continuing the excellent performance of the last stage of last season, and continuing in the same way. We hope to do well and continue the opening method, we know that we will face a severe test."


"Finally, Sanchez and Vidal will return. If you perform well on the International Match Day, you will return with high morale. We hope to prepare for this game and we will make full use of the outstanding performance of the players in the national team. The morale brought back by performance."


"One day it will be better, but we need to respect the schedule. We are still preparing today because we have no other choice. Between video analysis and writing on the whiteboard, training does not need to be too big Intensity or too long: the players came back yesterday after playing two or three consecutive games."


"This is the fourth round. Many important matches will come from now until the end of the season. Obviously when it comes to taking responsibility, I expect the boys to grow. It is very important to keep going."


"He only returned with muscle fatigue yesterday. We will evaluate him during today's training. Obviously we must be cautious. There are seven games in this round, one every three days, so we will talk to the players We conduct an evaluation, and then we will evaluate the risk level. If亚博全站手机客户端 he says he is ready because he feels good, then we will follow his opinion."


"We all need to be proactive and work together. We also need to accept the current situation and need confidence and willpower. We have passed a very difficult period, and disappointingly, it was quickly forgotten. Now, it seems that another difficult period is about to begin, whether it is sports or daily life. We need to show more unity than ever before to deal with the current situation and move on. Once things have to stop, that’s for everyone It is a disaster. Everyone must do their best in their own field."


"Last season, we scored 113 goals in all competitions. This is a lot, and I hope we can repeat this feat. Football has been undergoing development and evolution: the intensity and pace of the game are increasing, including the way the team pressures. . We need to adap亚博买球app下载t to certain situations and opportunities. The standards of Italian football have improved, and there is more desire to play more open games, organizing attacks from the backcourt, and implementing specific tactics."


"I don't think any possible difficulties we face will affect the strength or desire of the team. Our determination, attitude and level of concentration always need to be at the highest level. Since I came to Inter Milan, I will only With dedicated and determined players, I am satisfied with what I see."


"What I am looking forward to is a game between the two teams. Both teams have players who can change the game. Hakimi and Hernandez have excellent physical strength and abilities."


"We ask the central defender to help the offensive organization. This is where we have put a lot of effort into it. We also ask one of the two full-backs to participate in our attack. In my coaching career, I have encountered many Full-backs who are born to play this role: Azpilicueta and Kolarov are two examples. More and more clubs are adopting a three-back formation: this is the evolution and development of the game."


"I do face the problem of insufficient selection, because we only have four midfielders available. Tomorrow will be the beginning of 7 games in a period of time, and we will play a ball every three to four days. As I said, rotation It is necessary for us. At the same time, I am very calm: we will send three midfielders, new players will be on Wednesday, and the situation will be the same on Saturday. Everyone will participate. The most important thing is Show willpower and be prepared: Players need to contribute positively, whether it's a starter or a substitute."


"I don't know if he didn't play too many games for Inter Milan. At this moment, in my opinion, he is playing very well. I make a decision in the interest of the team, although I may also make a mistake. I am right. He is very impressive for his contribution to Inter Milan. He will always have his place here, and for everyone else: it will be a long and tiring season. Tomorrow I will send three midfielders to the bench. Arrange for someone on standby. Eriksson is showing his value."


"These players will be monitored daily by all relevant personnel. It is difficult to use football at home, but we will try to keep them on track. We will also arrange video lessons to reduce the damage that may be caused during this period of inactivity. Of course, Compared to teammates who can continue training, they are indeed in worse conditions."


"It is a pity to say that playing without the support of fans is not a pleasant experience. In the last derby, the support of our fans was very important to our reversal. But in this case, we should not There is no choice but to keep working hard and give everything for the blue and black."






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