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At 24:00 on September 30, the third and final transfer window of the 2020 Super League will be closed. What attracts the most attention is the adjustment of foreign aid for the 16 teams in the Super League. As for domestic aid, there will be basically no more international players. Only a few hours after the window was closed, there are two major suspenses that have not been revealed.


As early as September 1亚博买球app下载5, the Russian Super League team Dynamo Moscow officially announced: Bosnia-Herzegovina defender Schunich will join Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. According to Russian media reports, Schunich’s transfer fee is 350,000 euros, and the contract period ends on December 31, 2022. The Bosnia and Herzegovina’s annual salary in National Security is 1.1 million euros. As of press time, the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club has not officially announced the transfer.


The reason why Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club has not officially announced the transfer is mainly because the transfer of South Korean defender Jin Minya has not been negotiated. If Jin Minza is not sold before 24:00 on September 30 and is not registered for Shunich, then Beijing Zhonghe Guoan may not make adjustments to foreign aid.

北京中和国安俱乐部之所以没有正式宣布转会,主要是因为韩国后卫金敏亚的转会尚未达成协议。如果Jin Minza在9月30日24:00之前未售出并且未在Shunich注册,则北京中和国安可能不会对外国援助进行调整。

Shunich is already a member of Guoan. As for Jin Min, if the Koreans can't keep up with the transfer window, then Guoan is likely to sell Koreans again in the winter window, and then register and sign up for Shunichi next season. Of course, there is another possibility, that is to cancel the registration of Jin Minza first, then register for Shunich, and then talk about Jin Minza’s transfer. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the deadline for the transfer window of various countries has changed greatly.

Shunich已经是国安集团的成员。至于金民,如果韩国人不能跟上转会窗口,那么国安很可能会在冬季窗亚博全站手机客户端口再次出售韩国人,然后在下个赛季注册并签约顺地。当然,还有另一种可能性,即先取消Jin Minza的注册,然后再注册Shunich,然后再讨论Jin Minza的转让。由于流行病的影响,各国转移窗口的截止日期已发生了很大变化。

Goolat, who was loaned from Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao to Hebei Huaxia Fortune, performed well this season, scoring 3 goals and 2 assists. However, due to the lease status, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao has the right to choose to recycle Golat. Cannavaro made it clear before that he would not recall Goulart during this transfer window. But this does not mean that Goulart can stay in Hebei Huaxia Happiness. Due to well-known reasons, Xie Feng may not be able to retain this versatile offensive player.

从广州恒大淘宝租借给河北华夏财富的古拉特本赛季表现出色,打进3球和2助攻。但是,由于租赁状态,广州恒大淘宝有权选择回收Golat。 Cannavaro明确表示他不会在此转会窗口中回想起Goulart。但这并不意味着古拉特可以留在河北华夏幸福。由于众所周知的原因,谢锋可能无法保留这位多才多艺的进攻球员。

However, as there is not much time left until the transfer window closes, whether Goulart will leave at the last minute, the answer will soon be revealed. Golat's teammate Malkao in Hebei China Fortune is also closely watched by other teams. In addition, after the loss of Adrian, Chongqing Modern, the other four Brazilian foreign aids Caldek, Fernandinho, Sirino and Marsini will definitely stay in the team.

但是,由于关闭传输窗口的时间不多了,古拉特是否会在最后一刻离开,答案很快就会揭晓。 Golat的队友Malkao在河北《中国财富》中也受到其他团队的密切关注。此外,在失去阿德里安,重庆现代之后,另外四名巴西外援卡德克,费尔南迪尼奥,西里诺和马西尼也一定会留在队中。

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