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On October 20th, Beijing time, the second round of the CBA regular season continued. The Guangzhou team lost 88-112 to the Qingdao team. Guo Shiqiang was also defeated by the latter in the matchup with fellow senior Wu Qinglong. In this game, the Guangzhou team was shot 17 of 32 from beyond the three-point line. This is the main reason for their loss. Judging from the current situation, Guo Shiqiang, who has always emphasized defense, wants to help the Guangzhou team build a qualified team. The defensive system also takes time.


In the opening game of the regular season, Guangzhou team lost to Xinjiang team, but still led at the end of halftime. In the end, it only lost to Xinjiang team 97-102 by 5 points. Guo Shiqiang's regular season debut, it can be said that the performance was quite good. Many fans also praised Guo Shiqiang for being the champion coach after the game, indeed "something".


However, no matter how good a coach is, it is still not realistic to change a team in a short period of time. What's more, the Guangzhou team is still a weak team in the league. Many of the players in the team are young people. There is no doubt about their hard work, but their understanding of the game and awareness of offense and defense needs to be improved.


Taking this game as an example, the Guangzhou team has repeatedly experienced serious misses and delayed retreats on the defensive end, so that the Qingdao team can always easily get the opportunity to shoot a three-pointer or make a fast break. On the offensive end, it relies too much on the personal ability of point guard Chen Yingjun and lacks effective team cooperation. Guo Shiqiang has also repeatedly requested a timeout in an attempt to allow the players to adjust their state on both ends of the offense and defense, but unfortunately he has never been able to do so. But in the final moments of the game, when Guangzhou player Guo Kai fell to the floor with a backward jumper, Guo Shiqiang pulled him up. Although he is a strict teacher, he still loves his disciples.


In the press conference after the game, Guo Shiqiang also commented on the team's performance in an interview, and the most common phrase he mentioned was "it takes time."


"I said when I took over the Guangzhou team, to build a brand new team, but to build a team is not just a lip service, it takes time. The length of this time depends on the players themselves. Now It’s only been a month and a half to lead the team. It’s not easy to get a particularly big improvement right away. It takes enough time, one or two years, to really improve the young players. After all, our young players still have There is a big gap, and we can only do a good job of training and keep working hard to improve." Guo Shiqiang said at the press conference. The fans should also g亚博买球app下载ive Guo Shiqiang more time. Don't brag about the Xinjiang team if you play well. If you are defeated by the Qingdao team, you will be crazy. This is the best way to support Guo Shiqiang and the Guangzhou team.


No one commented, but quiet


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