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Tianjin Tianhai finally dissolved. This team has a total of 14 years of history from its establishment to the present. Its peak appeared in 2017 and 2018, and participated in the AFC after finishing third in the Super League. But only two years after reaching its peak, it went to extinction.


Although on the surface, the reason for Tianhai's dissolution was the failure of Vantone's acquisition. But tracing back to the source is the takeover of Quanjian Group.


History cannot be assumed. We don't know if the original Tianjin Songjiang team had not been acquired by Quan Jian, would it still survive under the name "Songjiang". But the moment Quan Jian entered the club, he was doomed to the club's ultimate fate.


What kind of company is Quanjian?


At that time, Quanjian Group had a direct sales license but had a bad reputation. The effect of the product is doubtful, and Shu Yuhui's personal resume is fraudulent. Everyone knows these things well, but no one puts them on the table to say.


In 2015, Quanjian sponsored TEDA and signed Sun Ke for 60 million RMB. But TEDA was not cold about it, refused to accept Sun Ke, and also refused to approve Quan Jian's unconventional way of spreading money and signings. The difference in business philosophy also caused the two parties to part ways. Quan Jian eventually stopped sponsoring the TEDA Club, and the rumored full takeover did not happen.


Because TEDA's long-term performance was maintained in the middle and lower reaches at that time, the fans were quite dissatisfied and once regarded Quan Jian as the "savior". After the failure of the cooperation between the two sides, some TEDA fans expressed regret. But a few years later, they will find out what a correct decision TEDA made.


By the way, the Yancheng Dafeng team in the second division is Shu Yuhui's hometown team. It has also received a certain degree of support from Shu Yuhui himself, and some players from Quan Jian have joined the team. After the incident of Quan Jian Dongchuang, Yancheng issued an announcement at the beginning of this year, stating that the club is experiencing difficulties in its operation and seeking comprehensive strategic partners.


Similarly, Quan Jian also entered the Dalian Women's Football Team, which greatly improved the team's combat effectiveness in a short time. But after Quan Jian fell, the Dalian Women's Football team also slipped from a champion team to a relegation team, and finally fell to a disbanded ending.


In other words, the demise of Quan Jian affected not just a club, but all aspects. Not to mention the affected coach Cui Kangxi. He left the club shortly after signing the contract because of Quan Jian’s incident. He changed three teams in China in a year and has almost become a big laughing stock for Chinese football's contribution to the world football.


What kind of company is qualified to invest in Chinese football? This issue requires serious consideration by Chinese football managers. In my opinion, to enter the football industry, the company must meet three conditions:


Quan Jian obtained a direct selling license in 2013, but there was a lot of chaos in his business. Zhou Yang, a girl from Inner Mongolia, died when she was only 4 years old because her parents were superstitious about Quanjian therapy and delayed her daughter's cancer treatment. The direct sale of health products is a gray area in China. The vast majority of direct-selling health products are actually just cheating money under the name of "health care", cheating people who do not believe in science and have low education. The so-called "curative effect" they said was just like the superstition that Banlangen could prevent and treat SARS, it was purely an IQ tax. Do you really believe that insoles can cure diseases?

Quan Jian于2013年获得了直销许可证,但他的业务混乱不堪。来自内蒙古的女孩周扬(音)仅4岁就去世了,因为她的父母迷信全亚博全站手机客户端健疗法,并推迟了女儿的癌症治疗。保健品的直接销售在中国是一个灰色地带。实际上,绝大多数直销健康产品只是以“医疗保健”的名义欺骗金钱,欺骗那些不相信科学,受过低教育的人们。他们说的所谓“疗效”就像班兰根能预防和治疗SARS的迷信一样,纯粹亚博买球app下载是智商税。您真的相信鞋垫可以治愈疾病吗?

The reason why these companies have not been rectified is just because certain stakeholders are making trouble. But every benefit they received was stained with the blood and tears of the common people, and ignorant people were constantly being sacrificed like a flock.


Fortunately, at the beginning of last year, the State Administration for Market Regulation has begun to rectify the health care product market and strictly enforce market access in the direct selling industry. But it is a joke for a company of this nature to enter the Chinese football industry.


Does Quan Jian have the corresponding financial strength? On paper, yes. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the first season of acquiring Songjiang, and they also brought a large number of powerful domestic and foreign aid to the team with outstanding results. Shu Yuhui even publicly stated that he would not rule out the introduction of Messi in the future. But behind these funds are the tragedies of countless families. We should not forget how Quan Jian obtained these money.


Incorrect methods cannot last long, and it is unreliable to use football to cover up evil deeds. We do not deny that Shu Yuhui loves football, but his investment in football clubs is largely to "launder" his ill-gotten wealth and obtain a "shangfang sword" for his business. Fortunately, the power of public opinion is powerful. The evil that cannot be concealed, as long as it is exposed under the clear sky, there will always be a moment of liquidation.


As for the Chinese Premier League, the third Chinese Super League, and the AFC Champions League, these are the happiness that Quan Jian brings to Tianjin fans, and they are also the honor of Tianjin football. There is nothing wrong with the players struggling on the field, but due to the problems of the Quanjian Group, they created and destroyed all of them with their own hands. The innocent players and fans have to bear the consequences with them. Is this fair to players and fans? The team of Tianhai has many excellent players. Forward Yang Xu is still training for the national team, but when he reports to the national football team, his club is gone. The occurrence of this situation is a big loss for Chinese football and a blow to these players.


Judging by the three conditions mentioned above, Quan Jian may only meet the requirement of "having strength". It is neither formal nor legitimate, and the motivation is not correct.


Of course, after Quan Jian's fall, if a responsible company can take over the club, it can also bring the team back to life. But this company will definitely not be Metrohm.


According to various sources, the company behind Vantone's acquisition of Tianhai is Heli Wansheng. Heli Wansheng acquired the Dutch club of The Hague and single-handedly contributed to Zhang Yuning's joining. But the deal was unsuccessful, the players did not get many opportunities to play, the Hague side and Heli Wansheng cooperation also appeared some discordant voices. In domestic football, Heli Wansheng also operated the transfer of Yanbian Fude Club, but it ultimately failed, leading to the disappearance of this old Chinese football team.


The negotiations between Wantong and Tianhai also experienced twists and turns. After a period of observation, everyone can see very clearly: Vantone has no sincerity at all, and the Football Association has doubts about it. After months of farce, Tianjin Tianhai finally went to extinction.


Judging from what happened before, whether Vantone or Heli Wansheng expressed their willingness to intervene in football, it was more of a speculative psychology. Quanjian’s previous Panlong football field project seems to be a major attraction to Wantong. However, the Tianhai Club is already debt-ridden. Whether Vantone has the strength, or whether it has the willingness to wipe out these debts, a big question mark must be put. Therefore, when Vantone intervened in Tianhai affairs, the motive was incorrect. Coupled with the fact that the Heli Wansheng behind it has a record of failing to take over Yanbian, the Football Association is alert to it, in fact the correct response.

从以前发生的事情来看,无论是万通还是合肥万胜都表示愿意介入足球,更多的是一种投机心理。 Quanjian先前的Panlong足球场项目似乎是万通的一大吸引力。但是,天海俱乐部已经负债累累。 Vantone是否具有实力,或者是否愿意消灭这些债务,必须提出一个很大的问号。因此,当万通介入天海事务时,动机是不正确的。加上背后的合力万胜有未能接管延边的记录,美国足协对此很警惕,实际上是正确的回应。

We don't know whether Vantone has worked hard to the last moment in order to succeed in the transfer, or has been making false claims and adopting procrastination. The only certainty is that due to Vantone's long-standing delay and ambiguity, Tianhai was unable to contact other companies in time, and eventually hanged on a tree.


Chinese professional football clubs, especially football clubs in the top leagues, should not become a plaything that everyone can intervene. Both the Football Association and the professional leagues to be established in the future should conduct various qualification reviews on companies investing in Chinese professional football clubs, establish a sound system, and set up a blacklist mechanism for companies with "experience". The core content of the review is like the three major parts mentioned before:






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